Issue with tooltip update when filtering other visual


I have a matrix table with expense categories showing the total amount for the selected period. Then I created a tooltip showing the evolution of each expense category from 2021 to 2023. The tooltip, applied to the matrix table, is working fine, just as I wanted. When I filter another visual showing product categories, the matrix table values are updated accordingly, but not the tooltip. It still shows the total amount for the selected (hovering) category and not the expense category amount for the selected product category. I have read that the problem could be the fact that I don’t have the product category filter on my matrix table. Even if I add this filter to my tooltip page, it doesn’t work. Is there any workaround to fix that?

Thanks in advance for your help!

hi @JM004

Please provide the power bi file so people can review the file.


Hi @JM004

When i ask EDNA AI within the Enterprise DNA. Here some of things you should check.
To ensure that your tooltip reflects the filtered product category, you can follow these steps:

Update Tooltip Interaction:
    Check the tooltip interaction setting in Power BI for the matrix table. Make sure the tooltip is set to "On" for "Selected" data points. This ensures that the tooltip reflects the selected data point in the matrix table.

Filter on Tooltip Page:
    Include the product category filter on the tooltip page as well. This will ensure that the tooltip values adjust based on the product category selected in the other visual.

Sync Slicers:
    If you have multiple pages or visuals, make sure to sync slicers across the pages. This will ensure that when you filter one visual by product category, it also filters the tooltip page accordingly.

Check Tooltip DAX:
    Review the DAX measure used in the tooltip to calculate the expense category amount. Ensure the measure considers the product category filter context to show the correct values in the tooltip.

Test Interactions:
    Test the interactions between the visuals and tooltips by selecting different product categories and verifying if the tooltip updates accurately based on the selection.

By following these steps, you should be able to sync the tooltip with the selected product category in your matrix table visualization.

DataMentor and EDNA AI within the EDNA platform will be able help you in your issue.