Issue with PBI Gateway to table on Amazon AWS Server

I going around in ever deceasing circles trying to use auto refresh to get data from a PostGreSql table on Amazon AWS database.

In the model I have a small number of static data files which are stopped from refreshing automatically.

The only table that I am trying to refresh is the PostGreSql table on the Amazon AWS server. The message I get is that the credentials are missing yet I cannot find out how to correct them.

Any help gratefully received.


It seems you already use PBI Gateway to connect to PostGreSQL. Can you try the 3 alternative ways to connect to PostGreSQL from Power BI? Also, on AWS, have you added a rule on the firewall to allow Power BI Service’s IP address to connect to AWS.

Hi again
Thank you for the above suggestions which I have tried but continue to have problems.

The situation is that in PBI Desktop I have had both SQL and ODBC refreshes working fine, albeit manually.

It is when I publish to PBI Service that things stop working.

I have created a On Premises Gateway but I get a mixture of messages.

ranging from “invalid credentials” to “gateway not configured correctly”

There was one message regarding an invalid certificate.

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