Is this a bug with new card visual?

did any of you experience this in the new card visual ?

today some how numbers and titles started overflowing from the borders of card visual from this report i have in powerbi service. It was working properly until yesterday and in desktop file it looks just fine

I wonder if this is a bugg with Power BI as its still in preview

I havent noticed that behavior specifically, but some quirks exist. I’ve got some complaints :slight_smile: viz., copying the formatting to other card sets is unsupported and it’s incredibly easy to blow away your styling with something simple like removing an item from the well. but overall I like the implementation so far.

is that in the service or on desktop?

Hey @HufferD

  • This is in service. In desktop it works fine.

Infact, I published the same file again to see if it would fix itself.but that didnt help

So, this was a bugg and seems to have fixed itself now. but worth keeping a check on it.

Update For anyone experiencing this issue:

The issue I discussed above , appeared to have resolved but soon came back.

This is a known issue with Power BI, and is being caused with formatting such as shadow, glow etc…

here is the the link I found to the known issue :

Following the recommendations of this article, I removed shadows and glows settings. that has resolved the issue for now.