Is there a way to make ALL honor Page or Report Level Filters

Is there a way to make ALL() honor Page or Report Level Filters?

Yes, use the ALLSELECTED function.

As simple as that really.





I should have been more explicit. I was looking for a way to honor Page or Report level filter, but to ignore a slicer filter.

Not really on this.

I also do not think this is a good idea to do anything like this.

You need to remember someone consuming your report will have not idea what report and page level filter you have (unless you make it incredibly clear) in your report.

Also they won’t know about the formula you have written in a similar way.

I’ve personally never run into a situation where I needed to create something like this.

I would really go back to basics here and think about a easier way to get what you need done.

Check out this video for a technique (which is not simple) to do something similar to what you require, but it has some differences.