Is it possible to use dynamic security in a Datamart?

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I have spend some time creating a datamart that functions as a subset of our AAS based tabular model. The reason being, that AAS live connection does not allow for building composite model that functions when published to services.

In this endeavor it strikes me that the RLS in the Datamart is somewhat limited when compared to RLS in a dataset. I hope i am wrong but it seems that i cannot create dynamic RLS in a datamart the same way as in a dataset?

Ultimately what i want is to recreate the more advanced dynamic dax expressions with = USERNAME() and such.

Datamart RLS view:

Power BI Dataset RLS view:

Hi @FrederikForum - Based on my research it seems Dynamic level RLS is currently not supported on DataMarts as there is no option to write DAX as you have already seen.

Ankit J

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Hello @FrederikForum

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Hi @ankit

Thank you for your reply. I figured as much but i hoped i was wrong. This is the missing piece regarding using a Datamart in my work. I am crossing my fingers that this feature will be added soon!

Just another note. I believe that datamart (preview) isn’t in full production. You maybe doing a lot of work in datamart for nothing when it goes into full production.