Is it possible to create Dynamic Matrix with Custom Date Fields?

Is it possible to create the Dynamic matrix with custom date fields? I came across the issue where i need to pull the multiple measures into the matrix where they needs to plotted over different custom date columns. For reference please find the below excel table which is the replica of a table i need to build in Power BI.

Note : The yellow highlighted shows the information on the columns and rows.

The values of “Sales”, “Quantity”, “YoY”,etc are coming from different tables.

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This is not only possible within Power BI, but it’s not that difficult as long as you have the flexibility to use an HTML-based custom visual like VizCreator Cert or VizCreator Flex, and an online HTML table creator tool called DivTable Styler.

This post I did on LinkedIn a number of months ago explains exactly how to do it.

Also, if you download the sample report from AppPSource, @PascalKiefer has a number of examples you can follow, as well as a YouTube video on how to use Excel rather than DivTable Styler to write the bulk of your HTML code for you.

I hope this is helpful.

– Brian

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Yes, to some extent i’m able to solve the problem. But i’m not able to add more than 5 rows into the table. Do we have any solution for this. To get more understanding i’ve attached the layout, PBIX and HTML code here.

HTML Code.xml (34.0 KB)
Sample.pbix (802.1 KB)
Sample.xlsx (19.9 KB)