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Internal connection error

Apologizes if this inquiry is in the incorrect bucket, I did a search and didn’t find any information and Google isn’t very helpful. I’ve also worked with my IT group and they are boggled as well.

We are receiving an Internal Connection Error when refreshing the PBI dataset. This error only happens when running the document on one specific PC. We are able to refresh without issue on two other PCs. The problem computer has been reimaged and still receiving this error.

Has anyone else run across this issue and had luck correcting it?

Internal Connection Fatal Error. Error state 18

@Jackie Firewall issue?

Hi Jackie,

If the Power BI dataset is using a SQL server connection, it might be good to try to connect to that connection via SSMS or another tool on that person’s PC.
Chances are if there is a firewall issue, as mentioned by AntrikshSharma, you will see that connection issue here as well.

If that will be fixed, the overarching Power BI report will work.


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Hello. I have my IT looking into it now.

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Apologizes for my radio silence. We did get it figured out, there was a internet connectivity issue.