Inline Hierachy

Hi everyone,

Does anybody know if there is a solution out there to disable inline hierarchy when drilling into visualizations? I cant seem to find any.


Hi Robert, can you show an example of what you mean by inline hierarchy? Thanks

Hi Sam,

I believe it was added in one of the last monthly updates as a full feature instead of preview. what i mean is this:

level 1 :

Drill down a level into products of 2AA materials - componentry:

and it leaves a trail of the drill downs performed. I believe it was created in order to help date drilling but it effects everything too know it seems and is very annoying.



So do you just not want this at all in the visualization?

Can you not just adjust in the fields section and not have so many dimensions in the axis part of the visual?

They you wouldn’t have to worry about the hierarchy at all.

Another then to check especially for tables with this new setup it this


I like to have no stepped rows and this is how you adjust it.

Thats the one, thank you very much Sam