Ingest the table again

Why is it that every time I try to bring in the sql server table into the report, i.e. a refresh, then the table is re-created with a new name with _2 at the end and the previous one remains as is?

when it is refreshed, it likely program that way. You will have to check how the table is saved to the server/sharepoint.

Instead of overwriting automatically it add a _2 at the end of the file. (normal).

I hope this helps.

Do you have already the same table name in your Power Query ?
When I used sql server tables I didn’t have that kind of problem.

As Keith mentioned if you try to use twice it will add _2 at the end instead of overwriting.

But you can rename tables in PowerQuery for Report purposes.

To help you - we need a little bit more context what you try to achieve.