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Incredible Free EDNA Tool for Dataset Creation


I wanted to bring to your attention a fantastic free tool created by @sam.mckay that allows you to quickly and easily create datasets and even complete data models to almost any specification.

This is incredibly useful for providing sample data to the forum on questions you might have where the actual data contains confidential/sensitive information that is otherwise difficult to mask. It’s also great for creating datasets to test your code, develop examples for teaching/training, etc.

The tool is called Data Randomizer, and Is available to download free in the Ultimate Power Bi Resource Pack on the site.

I recently did the following video on how to use the Data Randomizer.

It’s easy to get the hang of with some basic instructions, and I think you’ll find it extremely useful for a wide range of situations. Thanks to Sam for creating it and making it available to everyone (members and nonmembers) for free.

  • Brian

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