Incorrect Totals - (Aggregated Full amount)

Hi all .I am having problems with getting a total sum (Aggregated Full numer) of the “Missing Profits”
I have done this the exact way Sam has done in his video and i get zero.
i have also tested this out other ways I am keep getting an absurd number

Confusing me why i have this.

04.EnterpriseDNA Help.pbix (1.4 MB)

Since you are taking Margin Differential * Total Sales, at the grand total level the Margin Differential is 0%. So sumx is taking 0% * your total sales, which is why you are getting zero. I didnt look at how the margin differntial is being calculated, but you can add some logic that if has more than 1 value, you can take the average or median or whatever for the total level.



Hey Nick.

Not sure what u exactly mean
I did this i think on the Missing profits testing, and still i am getting a zero?


What would you expect to see in the Missing Profits total? If you export that data, the sum of the missing profits column is zero. If I followed this correctly (and I may be missing something since you would know this data much better) at the total level:

Total Profits: 1,494,938
Total Sales: 4,559,883
Profit Margin: 32.78%
Average Profit Margins Fixed: 32.78%
Margin Differential: 0

Missing Profits is then 0 since taking total sales * 0



Right so i think it is the Marginal Differnce cal which was messing it up.
When i do Marginal Difference * Profit Margin = I get the full number

However when i did Marginal Difference - Profit Marin it was giving a 0 (see on above screen shot)