Income statement report dax not showing my selected year actual

Hi All,

I’ve been working on the excellent Financial Reporting w/ Power BI tutorials but I’m stuck at the “Overlay main DAX formula” section. I’m doing something wrong and can’t get my ‘Selected Year Actuals’ to display a number.

Below are two snips [hopefully I’ve inserted them correctly] to demonstrate–I am able to get the Switch, True function to show text in a test but I can’t get it to display the Income in this example.

Any idea what I may doing wrong?


Have had a think about this one…all I can guess at the moment is that this issue has to be with the Income measure. Something inside that measure is forcing it to within that particular context to return no result (or blank).

Is there anything from the Income measure that would be filtered by the Income Statement template table. Just check your relationships in your model, there shouldn’t be any connections to the template table.

It is a bit odd, but I just can’t work it out. Would probably need to see the model to test a few things I believe.


Thanks, I included a card with Income in the snip to try to show that Income seems like a proper functioning measure.

However, I DO have a relationship to the template to match up GL accounts. I’ll play around with that to see if I can get things in good form.

Thanks again,