Income Statement Inventory

Hi guys!

I’m trying to create two measures, one for Beginning Inventory and another one for the Ending Inventory for the Income Statement.

I was able to create two measures but they only work if I use the entire time (Date Table) the business has been open.

The thing is that went I filtered the data by Months, the measures changed bases on that date and won´t show the correct answer.

I attached the PBIX as reference.

Thanks for the help!


Example Data.pbix (369.7 KB)

Dear Yeriel,

It is because the context of your date table is Sales date. Since the date is linked only with Sales date as 1 to many ( Which is best way for most of the cases but not his one) . The context is taking from the sales date not the balance sheets date. You need to create dynamic date links.

This was discussed in length recently in this forum. I hope this will serve

Hi @piryani,

Thanks for the quick response.

I’m still learning new things every day and Power BI is awesome but how would you suggest to create a dynamic date link.

If you could help me that would be great!

Thanks for your time.

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Dear Yerial,

This is the video I was refering to,

Hi Yeriel,

Why don’t you try this solution?
Example Data_v2.pbix (369.0 KB)

I have changed ALLSELECTED to ALL while filtering Dates.

Beginning Inventory Units =
CALCULATE( [Units Inventory],
Dates[Date] < MIN( Dates[Date] ) ) )

Beginning Inventory Units =
CALCULATE( [Units Inventory],
FILTER( ALL( Dates ),
Dates[Date] < MIN( Dates[Date] ) ) )


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Hi @mno!

OMG!! Yes, it worked perfectly!!!

So simple yet I didn’t think about that, you are awesome mate!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks a lot for looking into the data.


Hi @Yeriel,

I’m so happy I could help :slight_smile:

Take care!

You can actually work these numbers out very simply using the below time intelligence functions.

See here for a video tutorial


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Hi @sam.mckay!

I´m a big fan of the platform!!:clap:

Actually, those were my first options for the inventory, but I got different results as shown in the picture below.

I attached the PBIX file as a reference.

Example Data.pbix (369.1 KB)

Thanks for the support.