Inbuilt clear all slicers button issue

I have recently started experiencing some odd behaviour with the ‘clear all slicers’ action on a button. This is now occurring across multiple reports and datasets, so wonder if it is a bug. I have a clear all slicers button on a page that just does nothing. Most bizarrely, I have corresponding buttons on my drop-in slicer pane (I’m purely using that for page space reasons) that are using the same inbuilt command and they work. In fact, I can just see the button on one of my page when the slicer pane is open and I can click that and the slicers are cleared. I just don’t know what is going on. Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t want to have to go and, on multiple reports, replace the inbuilt command with a bookmark.

Hi @The_Bishop ,

Maybe someone has another idea

In meantime did you check reported issue:

I did, sadly. Thank you for reading.