Importing Power BI Model into SSAS

Dear All,

I am trying to import a Power BI model into SSAS Tabular. I am able to script out the Model (Database) created in the model by connecting to the database through SSAS instance on which Power BI is running.

But when I am running the generated script in the SSAS Tabular instance, I am getting lot of errors.

Has anyone tried this method?

I am moving the model to SSAS because I have a large dataset and I cannot use import data, if the model is moved to SSAS, I can use live connection.

Any help is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

Sorry this isn’t something I’m currently familiar with.

Maybe some other members have seen this.

I would say that the questions doesn’t really provide much detail though. Just saying you’ve had some errors really isn’t that helpful.

What errors? Maybe some screenshots?

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