Importing/appending data from separate HTML files

This is my scenario.

I have a system that can only export 1000 records in HTML format at a time. I then put the file in a file share. I then create another HTLM file with the next set of 1000 records and put it into the same file share.

I then go into Power BI and get the source data from the file share. Have setup a not so good looking Dashboard “First One and learning lots from DNA Training”

Every Friday I do another extract of the next new 1000 records and add it to the file share. I am now up to 101 HTML files in the file share “11000” records.

The issue that I am having is every time I have to hit the refresh the data and it is taking a very long time to do the refresh.

Is there a why that Power BI can just append the new records?


Yes, I don’t feel this is a very scalable solution, and will constantly produce slow refresh times I think.

Are you able to get these data points into excel. This is exactly what I would do if a could.

By getting it into excel format you could just copy it into the same workbook/table and then it would be so simple just to query that one table.

Highly recommend trying to sort it out somehow like this.

Hi Sam

Thanks for the advise I have now created 3 excel spreadsheets first two containing the 50k records and refreshing much quicker.

Nice one.