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If Is Blank in Countrows card visual


I am struggling with where to apply the correct syntax to get the IF ISBLANK function to work with the below measure. I am using the measure as a card visual in a report and depending on the month selected ( month slicer used on the report page) the card displays blank when there has been no serious incidents in that month, what i need the card to do is to display a 0 in the card for those months.

Ive read other posts and have attempted to apply IF IS Blank but am not having any luck, i don’t think i have the syntax order applied correctly.

Could i get some guidance please

My measure is…
Serious Incidents =


Try this:

Card Display =
IF( [Serious Incidents] = BLANK(), 0, [Serious Incidents] )

  • Brian

Thanks Brian do I add this syntax in front of my measure or does this replace my measure, I still need to be able to count the rows and filter on the column within the Forms table

Hope that makes sense.

Hi @AoakeP,

@BrianJ has created a new measure, called [Card Display] and used measure branching - this means the core measure [Serious Incidents] is required to calculate it.

After you’ve created that in your report just replace the current measure in your card visual and you’re done.

Fantastic thank you both…you have saved me from another headache tomorrow trying to make it work

Cheers Paula


Paula would you please mark Brian’s post as the solution, you can do that via the … (3 dots)


Sorry that my initial post was unclear. @Melissa - thanks much for clarifying.

  • Brian