Identifying unused tables,measure and columns

Hey All,
Please, I am currently working on a large tabular model which runs on a live connection and I need help identifying unused tables, measure and columns using Power bi desktop.
How do I achieve this without using DAX studio or any external tool?

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Hi @Egbejiog,

You can use this tool which i very often use myself. This tool is not 100% correct so it is advisable to make a copy of the model and do the analysis on that first. Further, this is an M-query based tool so it takes it own sweet time to fetch the results.

Once you download the zip file from the above link then refer to this video. Imke has explained everything about the tool and how to use it in a very good way.

I really hope this will help you in making your data model more improved and robust one.

Wish you good luck. Also, Accept this as a solution if it has answered your question.


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Hello Egbejiogu,

You can go through the link and follow the process to achieve your request. It is straight forward and it treat a live connection or tabular model too.

  • Let me know if it solve your problem.
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Hi Egbejiogu,

Follow this link from RADACAD. I believe it can be of help.


as you can see from the responses, there does not seem to be a non-external tool option. However, there are several very good (and well-documented) tools available for free to the PowerBi developer. :slight_smile:

you are so right on this I have gone through all tools they make the job easy but I cant preform the task with any external tool not approved :smirk: :hot_face:
Do you think SSMS might help?

now you are outside of my scope of expertise, perhaps someone with experience there can help

what might be easier (although it will still take some time) is to make a case to whomever approves the external tools -

  1. letting them know your intention is to speed up the model (and any attached reports) by cleaning up unused items
  2. explaining the amount of time it will take to click on every visual, and document which columns and measures are used, then repeat the process by reviewing the measures for what columns are used, and then finally deleting the unneccessary columns
  3. point them to the documentation for your chosen tool (and Iā€™d look for a robust one that will allow for more than just this cleanup if you might get approval to have it for future use) and explain how much more time will be saved by doing it that way.

I work in a small company, and it was using a similar tactic that got approval for me to start developing in PowerBi (thank goodness that worked! :slight_smile: )

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I love your reply and its so true. it took me few minutes to figure out all tbles and columns using the tools mentioned here but since last week I have been battling on how to get it done without any external tool.
Hopefully we arrive same at same point.
Thanks @Heather

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