I want Value if row not exist?


I am starting in PowerBi and I would like to Cpt66 receive almost 0 if there is no row in the table Comptes_Table.

Cpt66 = CALCULATE(SUM(Comptes_Table[Valeur]);Comptes_Table[Compte]=66)

Do you have a solution for this?



Maybe I find a way like this. Can you tell me if this is the best way?

Cpt66 =
VAR TempCpt66=CALCULATE(SUM(Comptes_Table[Valeur]);Comptes_Table[Compte]=66)


Hi Pam,

Can you please add some images of the table of data and also the visualization you are using to represent this.

This way I can get a full understanding of what you are working with.

Thanks more information and images you can provide the better.

The second formula does look like it is problem better here, but that’s just a guess until I can see more.