I need help selecting Power BI Plans from Microsoft

I am learning Power BI to enhance my career options. I was thinking of making a couple of dashboards and post them online, in a password protected repository. I am not sure if Microsoft’s power Bi plan for $9 will do that for me. Also, do I need to purchase a Sharepoint subscription as well?

Please advise


I think a Power BI Pro subscription for $9.99/month will do what you need. This table does a nice job laying out the features of the Pro subscription.

With the Pro license, you can create secure embed codes that you can put on a website, in SharePoint, etc. However, to view them people will need a license as well. Alternatively, if they’re not sensitive, you can publish to web and anyone can view them without a license (for example, this is what @sam.mckay does for the interactive showcases online). If you are trying to promote yourself and your capabilities, I would strongly recommend developing PBI reports that you can publish to web, since this will dramatically increase the size of the audience who can view your work.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian