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I am confused what is included in my membership and what not

When navigating through the various enterprise DNA pages, the site jumps between pages where I am logged in and where I am not logged, with resources that I can access or cannot access. E.g.:

Could you please provided some guidance on what is included in my/each membership, e.g. on a site map showing for each page/chapter which subscription is needed for full access, and what is a technical issue if the observed behaviour is not intended?

Thank you!


Hi @Martin. Thank you for reaching out. To address some of your concerns:

  • The Demo Data Library is accessible to members and non-members. All you need to do is enter your email address to receive the data set in your inbox.
  • Similarly, the Enterprise DNA Resources link you sent is the free resource available on the Enterprise DNA page. Since you’re a member, one of the courses you have access to is the Power BI Showcases. You can further check your Enterprise DNA Online profile to check the courses under your membership.

If you find this answer to solve your query, kindly mark the thread as solved. Thanks!

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