How to summarize only selected columns, please check the attached file

I have three columns in a table and we are using parameters to select the required column to the table.
Based on the selected column, I need to summarize and do some calculation.
I am stuck and unable to find how to make “VAR SUMMERISE” to work, this variable should summerize the selected columns only. I am using this to find the denominator.
It works fine when all three columns are selected, but I need to summerize based on the selected column
Parameter are [column names]: We have a slicer on the page
:ballot_box_with_check: Partnername
:stop_button: partnerTYPE
:ballot_box_with_check: partnercountry
I need a syntax to summarize just the selected columns

Salary- Measure = 
    var sumfc= sum ('Table'[Salary])
    VAR SUMMERISE = SUMMARIZE('Table','Table'[Partnercountry],'Table'[Partnername],'Table'[Partnertype],"averagesum",sumfc)
    OR(ISINSCOPE( 'Table'[Partnercountry]),OR(ISINSCOPE( 'Table'[Partnername]),ISINSCOPE('Table'[Partnertype]))),


Sample.pbix (30.4 KB)

Hey, Christina
Hope you are doing well!

using Power query group by option you can summaries the multiple col.
I have created Table 2 using power query.
let me know it works for you or not.

Warm Regards
Sample.pbix (35.3 KB)

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No, it doesnt work.
Thanks for trying

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