How to show different metric details per each row within a same column

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I looked at the KPI series from Havens, great support too.

Also they develop a detailed structure of this KPI in their website, see embedded report:

Here comes my question… I can see that they structure the KPI Scorecard through a matrix visualization, but I am still wondering how they do to show different metric details per each row within a same column.

For example, the Total Value column shows a Sales amount metric, Return % amount, etc.
It looks like many DAX measure for a same column…

What are your thoughts on this ?

Would appreciate your comments.
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I can’t say for certain how they did it given it’s been a while since I watched those videos, but here’s how I would do it (and I strongly suspect they took a very similar approach):

  1. develop a separate measure for each row
  2. develop a master measure using SWITCH(TRUE()) to call the proper measure from the set developed in 1) above, based on the SELECTEDVALUE of the Metric Name field
  3. drop the master measure into the Values well of the matrix visual
  4. rinse and repeat for each column in the matrix

Here’s an excellent video explaining the SWITCH( TRUE()) construct:

I hope this is helpful. Just give a shout if you have any additional questions or need more specifics.

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Thanks for your insight !


:+1:. Glad to help. If you’re able to share it, I’d love to see a screenshot of the final KPI visual you come up with using this approach.


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I also got my answer from Havens, I quote: “I used a DAX generated table to create a column for each metric, then used a measure to identify the filter context for the matrix table and return one of X values depending on which category row it was on.

For now I have built my Scorecard this way. Maybe later, I will change it into the matrix way, will let you know :wink:



Thanks for sharing - that looks fantastic.

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