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How to repeat all item labels in power bi matrix visual

In excel you can select Repeat all item labels in pivot table.

This can make a pivot table look more like a table.

Does the same option exist for a Power BI matrix?


Make it a table? Or could you maybe elaborate what the problem exactly is?

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@BillK - if you use matrix in PBI , repeated values will be grouped and hide automatically as you can see at:


Hi @BillK,
As @mspanic has commented, this feature is currently not possible in a Power bi matrix.
You can refer to the following link in the Power BI community forum:

Repetir todas las etiquetas de elementos en la matriz - Microsoft Power BI Community

Thank you for letting me know.
So strange that some that is so basic in Excel Pivot Tables is not available in Power BI matrixes which is essentially the same as a Pivot Table.

Why don’t you suggest it to Power BI? You can post it to Power BI ideas. :slight_smile:

Its the only way to let the Power BI team know :slight_smile:

Thank you for the link. I went and posted the suggestion.