How to remove the "3 Dots" on boxes in Power BI mobile


How can i remove these three dots and the box(are these visual headers?) that appear in power bi mobile version.
I tried turning off the visual header option in the format pane, but it is not working to turn off these “Three Dots”!

Also is there any way to turn off the bookmarks name that appear in mobile


Hello @Anu,

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In Power BI, as of now there is no option available to disable the 3 dots or ellipses in Mobile App. However this option is only available for publishing reports on a Online Service for Desktop/Laptop. I’m also attaching the screenshots below for the reference.

How to remove 3 dots - Desktop options

In the above picture, you’ll observe that by disabling the “Visual Hearing” option you can disable all the options that are visible over a particular visual (in this case - Table visual) such as 3 dots ellipses, focus mode and filters apart from these options drilling options are also disabled .

However by disabling this options it doesn’t have any impact over the visuals in the Power BI Mobile App. The visuals still exist to show those 3 dots or ellipses options inspite of disabling the “Visual Hearing” options. Below are the screenshots provided for the reference which was taken from my Mobile App.

In the above 2 pictures, you’ll observe that “3 dots” or “Ellipses” options doesn’t change by making changes in the Power BI Desktop Version and just like “Bookmarks” options are available in Power BI Online Service and cannot be turned off similarly, in the Mobile App also it cannot be turned off. It’s upto us whether to make use of that feature or not but yes definitely it cannot be turned off.

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I tried for one last time, may be its with the latest pbi update, the 3 dots are now turned off by turning off Visual Header in Mobile version also.
However I am not able to turn off the bookmarks bar that appears on mobile version

Hi @Anu,

You can take a look at this two link for helpful solution also



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