How to refresh one data source and one PBI file with PBI Service


Hi there,

Here’s my current situation, I have one PBI file and one Excel file as the datasource.

Excel Datasource call it datafile.xlsx
This is an Excel file on a SharePoint Online site.

PBI File call it reportfile.pbi
My PBI file links to the Excel datasource above. I make changes in PBI Desktop and publish it onto PBI Service.

I want to be able to schedule a refresh of my reportfile.pbi daily, in PBI Service, as the datafile.xlsx gets updates daily. How I do that?


Hi John,

I think this information should get you going:




Hi John,

This to me just sound like you need to setup the data gateway.

Have you done this.

There is a significant amount of resources on the Power BI site, blogs, forum on how to troubleshoot this.

Have you gone through these?


This is another full step blog which should basically get what you need?