How to refresh my data automatically which is in a shared folder

How to refresh my report automatically, datasource is excel ,which is stored in shared folder

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For a scheduled refresh your Report and Dataset need to be in the Power BI Service (online).
You’ll also need to configure a data gateway to connect to your excel file.

Here are some resources and articles to help you get started.

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Since I am using Excel source, in my shared drive, will personal gateway be sufficient ?(I am not using other cloud services)
What is Power Automate then? Is it also for scheduling refresh? What is the difference btw Power Automate and Gateways?


Please read on, I’m confident it will become clear…

Yes but my guess is you haven’t gone over this this article yet, so please take the time to do so and pay special attention to the Notes and When things go wrong section.

This video shows 4 different ways to refresh a dataset in the Power BI Service

You need to be able to connect to your on-premises data from the Power BI Service and that’s what the data gateway alows you to do, here’s more on that. Note that both your system- and the gateway need to be running in order to perform the refresh.

Microsoft Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flow, let’s you automate processes / workflows using triggers and responses for more information see:

There are Templates that can trigger a dataset refresh for example when a SharePoint file is updated more examples can be found here:


I hope this is helpful

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Check out this playlist in Youtube.

It answered my questions and I found it really useful.

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