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How to refresh a model faster

I have a model which takes 30 minutes to refresh, suppose I am having changes only in one of the table , without having to refresh the entire model, is there a way to get the updated data.
I understand , I can disable the refresh for other tables., but is there any other way out there. Because I am having more than 50 tables, its again a Task to disable refresh for each of these.

Hi @Anu,

If you’ve made changes to just one table hitting Close and Load in the Query Editor will only reload that - and all tables that reference it of course.
In Desktop you can also right click an individual table to refresh that.

I hope this is helpful.

If you have more than 50 tables for an SSAS/PBI model, then there is also a data modelling problem.

How can I correct it? Most of them are mapping sheets, not actual data itself.

What do you mean by mapping sheets?
Where does that data come from?

See this course for modelling.

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Hi @Anu,

Choosing a storage mode can be solution for this issue.
Based upon Radacad’s (Reza Rad) explanation, you should Push the Transformation to Dataflow.

I also think that the following articles of Chris Webb and Reza Rad can be helpful:

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Hi Anu,
Also you can look at this problem in another angle. Do you need to get all the fields in all the data? If you do not need to get all the data , you can import only the required fields from the tables. Also you can use summary tables if required.