How to publish only some pages when we Publish to the web using Embedded link

I have to publish a report to the public website. It has 2 pages. I want to publish one page in one Web page and another report page in another Web page. So, it possible to customize the embedded link?

Hi @pshetty

According to my experience you can hide the 2nd page in your report and publish the report to show 1st page in service. You need to follow similar approach to get 2nd page published, hide the 1st page and you can display the 2nd page, but you’ve to publish that with another name, else it will replace your old report.



Hello @pshetty

Take a look at the link below - it should provide additional information to help you accomplish this.

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You mean publishing same report twice with different names to One Work-space?

This is a good idea too… I may get little confused with reports. But Never know unless I try. Thanks for sharing.

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