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How to make custom slicer which value not exsist in datasource

For example we have 1000 students data. In database all the exam information saved. Total marks is 1000 and students got 500,456,789 and so on so i want to create a custom slicer to select the good marks, average marks and best marks. How to create?


There are a number of different approaches you could take here, but here’s the path I took:

  1. Created a disconnected table with the Average, Good and Best categories and the lower bound score associated with each.

  2. Created the following calculated column in my fact table (not a measure, since we’re going to slice on this column):

    Evaluate =

     VAR MaxBound =
         MAX( Classifications[Bound] ),
             Scores[Score] >= Classifications[Bound]
     VAR Cat =
         MAX( Classifications[Category] ),
         Classifications[Bound] =  MaxBound
  3. Create a slicer based on the Evaluate column created in 2) above.

Here’s what it looks like pulled together:


And Sliced:


I hope this is helpful. Full solution file attached below.


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thanks a lot @BrianJ
its really working

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Glad to help, and good to hear that solution worked well for you.

– Brian