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How to make bookmarks urls behaving like native bookmarks?

Hi Folks,

Question about bookmarks and url link:

As far as my research goes, every single bookmark created in Power BI generates a unique hyperlink:[GroupID]/reports/[ReportID]/ReportSection[PageID]bookmarkGuid=Bookmark[BookmarkID]

The challenge I am facing is: If I use a button with a native bookmark function, power bi will not refresh the page.

However, If I copy the bookmark unique hyperlink and use it as a regular link, as bellow, it will behave like a regular link (open in a new tab)


Is there a way to make a bookmark url link behave like a book ?

  • Opening on the same browser page and affecting just the visuals it is linked to?

Not sure if you are referring to a DirectQuery or Import Mode here, but have you tried setting up Automatic page refresh?

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