How to links individual slicers to individual projects/products

I have different projects that influences the different areas of operations depending on their start year, number of years it takes to mature and then the projected saving % once mature. So if I have project A starting in 2016 that will have a saving effect of 30% once mature that takes 3 years to mature it will have the following projected % savings on specific areas of operations: Before 2016 - 0% saving; in 2016 = 10%; 2017 = 20% and 2017 until 2030 = 30% on specific areas.

I calculate the % savings for projects for specific sections using these dates,years and percentages and then have a line graph that shows the savings without projects vs when different projects gets implemented. (See below). We want to now do a “simulation” where we change these parameters to see the overall change for the projected years. I created 3 parameters (Slicers) for each project. How do I link these individual slicers to only 1 project? Here is a screenshot of what I want to do:

Does anyone have any idea if this can be done?

Have a look at these 3 link . they should help you get started. A couple of them are from enterprise DNA. They talk about “Harvesting parameters” or perform “What If” analysis using DAX. These links should help you get started. text

Hi @nico.swartz

As you need to apply different Parameters based on Project, you can use below option.

  1. Create different What-If Parameters for each project. So, In above Case for P1, P2 there will be 6 Parameters like P1_Year,P1_Mat,P1_Saving and P2_Year,P2_Mat,P2_Saving.

  2. Use Value column of the Parameters like P1_Year_Value, P1_Mat_Value to get Selected Value.

  3. Write your Calculations using Row Operators like SUMX, AVERAGEX etc and apply different selected value for different projects using IF/Switch function.

Let me know if anything is not clear.

Ankit Jain

How do I link this what if parameter to my project? I did something like this but it does not work:
P1 % saving=
VAR P1_%Between =
DIVIDE(MAX( Dates[Year]) - [P1_Year Value],
[P1_Mat Value], 0 )
MAX( Dates[Year] ) < ’ [P1_Year], 0,
IF( MAX( Dates[Year] ) >= [P1_Year] &&
MAX(Dates[Year] ) < [P1_Mat],
[P1_Saving Value]
[Project_Name] = “P1”

Hi @nico.swartz - You can try something like below, just replace “Product Name” with “Project_Name”. If issue not resolved, please share PBIX file or some Sample Data.

P1 % saving =

VAR P1_PercBetween =

DIVIDE(MAX( Dates[Year]) - [P1_Year Value],

[P1_Mat Value], 0 )

Var P1_Calc =


MAX( Dates[Year] ) < [P1_Year Value], 0,

IF( MAX( Dates[Year] ) >= [P1_Year Value] &&

MAX(Dates[Year] ) < [P1_Mat Value],


[P1_Saving Value]



Var Other_Calc = “Test”


SWITCH(max(Products[Product Name]),“Product 1”,P1_Calc,Other_Calc)

Thx. My year column in my date table was text and not a number. This is working now thanks.