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How to link two slicers? Actual VS Budget Disconnected Tables

Actual VS Budget Comparison with Prior Years History.

The complication I have here is that I have a set of “Actual Data” and a set of “Budget Data” in two different tables.

I am using the disconnected table trick so that I can use a slicer to select between various metrics in the same visual.
Example: Table showing volume YOY. I can use a slicer and press “Revenue” and the table will automatically change to display revenue.

Currently I have to use two different slicers in order to change the “Actual Data” and the “Budget Data”.
Obviously if these get out of sync it can be a huge variance.

Is there a way to “link” these slicers together? They are named identically but link back to different source data.

Hi @Despo. After seeing a mock-up of what you want to achieve, my first thoughts would be to review the data model. Can you post your work-in-progress PBIX file and an Excel mockup of your desired outcome for the forum members to pursue further?

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Hi Despo,
Since your tables are disconnected slicers ( is a field of a respective table ) is not sync. But you can use DAX functions like ‘SELECTEDVALUE’ for get one slicer’s selected value and use that value for other purpose like filter second table.

But If you can provide a pbix file with mockup data members can give more detailed answer.

Hi @Despo

As per @Greg, a copy of the PBIX or a visual mock-up of what you have and what you want would be ideal.

Going by what you’ve said, it sounds like you have 2 disconnected tables with corresponding slicers. 1 each for Actual and Budget figures. However, you would like 1 slice to control the metrics applied to both Actual and Budget data.

If the metrics are the same across both Actual and Budget data, then you could change the DAX switch logic for the Budget to use the disconnected table for the Sales. This would mean the slicer for the Sales metric would also control the metric for the Budget. (The slicer and disconnected table for the Budget could then be removed.) This would be what @akila789 has suggested.

Though, if you have different metrics across both Sales and Budget a more complex DAX code implementation will be needed. This would also be custom to your setup, so would require a copy of your PBIX before we could advise.


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I always have trouble scrubbing my data to not violate any confidentiality measures without crippling the Model. I will have to read up on this process better before I can share the model.

Hi @Despo. Can you try the sample approach? Make up a sample dataset to showcase your issue, use the same data model, and post that?


Give this a watch. Some very simple techniques for effectively anonymizing/masking almost any type of data:

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