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How to give the isolate access on power BI services

I have got the cost center set up and I am going to distribute the report on power BI services.
I would like to give certain access to the cost center managers.
Is there any video for this.

thank you.

Hello @ammu,

I do not fully understand the problem you encounter. Are you searching for setting up a Row Level Security? Or just to publish the full report to only some managers?

In which concerns Power Bi RLS, after a simple search on google I found multiple videos about this topic.

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Your question isn’t that clear but let’s hope my answer will help you. I willconsider that the sharing will be for people internal to your organization.

When you share a dashboard or report , the people you share it with can view it and interact with it, but can 't edit it. Be careful when choosing the adequate type of grants.

Also, you can use Row - level security (RLS) with Power BI to restrict data access for given users. Filters restrict data access at the row level , and you can define filters within roles. You can configure RLS for data models imported into Power BI with Power BI Desktop.

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Thanks, @alexbadiu and

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