How to get the latest months sales data for the remaining months?

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I have two tables i.e Sales and date table and I have also built a relationship between these tables using the common field Date.
In sales table I have sales data till July 2020 and I want to use Sales Data of July 2020(Latest Month) for the remaining months(Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec)
I am attaching the image below of the expected output.

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I trust you will find the technique explained here by @sam.mckay helpful.

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If you need additional support after viewing this please provide a sample PBIX file, so members can better assist you.


I saw the video. It did not helped me![exp|410x120] . I am using this Dax expression but however, it is not giving me the expected output.

 Testing = var currentmonth =MONTH(LASTDATE('Raw Data'[Date]))                                                                                          var currentyear = YEAR(LASTDATE('Raw Data'[Date]))                                                       
    var enddate = LASTDATE('Raw Data'[Date])                                                                     
    var startdate = DATE(currentyear,currentmonth,1)                                                                           return                                                                                                                    
     var remainingmonths = CALCULATE(SUMX('Raw Data','Raw Data'[Sales]),'Date'[Date]>=startdate,'Date'[Date]<enddate,ALLEXCEPT('Date','Date'[Date]))
      IF(ISBLANK([Total Sales]),remainingmonths,[Total Sales])


Hi @ajinkyakadam0009,

With the limited information provided I’ve made a model for you. This includes a Date table that’s also been marked as a Date table.

With the technique shown in linked resource, built a Budgets table.

Budgets =
VAR myYear = YEAR( [LastSalesDate] ) 
VAR myMonth = MONTH( [LastSalesDate] ) 

            VALUES( Dates[Month & Year] ),
                Dates[Year] = myYear,
                Dates[MonthOfYear] > myMonth
        VALUES( 'Sample'[Region] )
    "Budget", CALCULATE(
        SUM( 'Sample'[Value] ),
            Dates[Year] = myYear &&
            Dates[MonthOfYear] = myMonth

Notice that there’s no relationship between Dates and Budgets because they are at a different granularity. So the measure for Total Budget then becomes:

Total Budget = 
    SUM( Budgets[Budget] ),
    FILTER( VALUES( Budgets[Month & Year] ),
        Budgets[Month & Year] IN VALUES( Dates[Month & Year] )

To avoid blanks in the Matrix visual and adjust the row totals, I’ve created a Display Measure that combines Total Sales and Total Budgets

Display value = 
    ISINSCOPE( Budgets[Month & Year] ),
    COALESCE( [Total Sales], [Total Budget] ),
    [Total Sales] + [Total Budget]

And this is what it looks like, all put together.

Added conditional formatting to easily distinguish between Sales and Budget.

Here’s the sample file.eDNA - Budget for remaining months.pbix (71.6 KB)
I hope this is helpful

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