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How to get data from AppCenter, Google Play and App Store to Power BI?

Hello guys,

My company is making apps for many businesses. And my boss requires me to get data from these tools (see below) to Power BI, then analyze & visualize the finding in Power BI.

These tools include:

  1. AppCenter of Microsoft ( both on Android and IOS platform) to track the active users (daily, weekly, monthly): this tool works like Google Analytics (but for the app).

  2. Google Play Console: to view impressions, and download (or installed app) data to the listing.

  3. App Store: to view impressions, and download (or installed app) data to the listing.

My question is: How to get data from these 3 tools above to Power BI (desktop or service)?

Do I have to ask the IT guy in my company to set up API, then get the data through API?

Or any other ways to get the data?

Please give advice

Thanks in advance

Hi…I could be showing my utter technological ignorance here but I’m not sure this information will be available to anyone other than the individual companies/entities themselves.

You might be able to access data for the individual apps, that the businesses you produce apps for, list on these sites/entities. I think there might be some API’s available to do this.

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@hunghahuy If the applicaton is from your own company then there should be a person who has super admin access and can tell any stats that you need to know, plus the best way to access them regularly.

How does the development works? Your company creates the application and hands it over to the client or your company is in for a long term contract?

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Hi @AntrikshSharma ,

Our company make applications and also handle them for our clients.

I just wonder if API is the only way to get data from AppCenter, Google Play, and App Store or are there other ways?

About the person who is super admin - Yes, we do have him, and I am working with him. But, I just wonder are any other ways to get the data instead of APIs method?

If you have any ideas, please suggest

Thank you

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