How to get a Date column value to be used by measures

I want to evaluate a date field (ContractStartDate) for every row in one of my reference tables to see IF it falls within the date range of the report context. When I go to create a Measure, I can’t even get to this column name. Do I have to preface it with a date function first? I tried this and still can’t get to the column name. What am I missing?

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Try wrapping ContractStartDate with SELECTEDVALUE function.


@kjssdca Hey ,

You can refer this post PB Community

I hope this will work for you .
Dax Function. and you can day count as well currently using 2 week time interval .

Within Two Weeks =
VAR VendorDate =
    MAX( Vendors[Last Contacted Date] )
VAR SelectedDates =
    ALLSELECTED( 'Date'[Date] )
VAR SelectedDate = [Selected Dates]
VAR DayCount = 14
VAR DateRange =
        SelectedDate - DayCount,
VAR WithinDateRange = VendorDate
    IN DateRange
VAR Result =
        HASONEVALUE( 'Date'[Date] ),
        "Multiple Selections"

Thank you @samharishk The thing is - the date field I want to check is in a reference table, and so there isn’t a relationship between it and the Dates table, (which is another reference table, of course). Maybe that’s where things are breaking down but I thought it was not good practice to create relationships between the reference tables.

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