How to format a Button on selection

How to format a Button on Selection? (I have assigned ‘bookmark’ action on this blank Button. Pic attached)
I have seen options like Default State, On hover, On press etc.
But I am using the dashboard on mobile only, so Hover and Press options are not making significant difference while viewing on mobile.
Because you wont be hovering in mobile,and the On press option works only if you keep pressing the button.Both of which you won’t be doing in mobile.
What I want is change the background of the Button when selected(currently Black for all the three buttons as shown in the picture),so that I can distinguish which Button is currently selected.

Maybe this technique can help you:

I am not using slicer here,just Blank Button,and have given a button text.

I know but I hoped visual changes via buttons and bookmarks might help solve your challenge

I am successfully able to do visual changes with the help of Buttons,Bookmarks and Selection pane.
But not able to change the background of Button on Selection.
On SELECTION of a button I need a different background,say grey.( now its black for all 3 buttons).
Hope you understood the problem now.

you assume similar options, on hover etc, for a blank button as you can with a slicer?


I want this to happen on selection.
With On Press option this happens,but when you release mouse button it changes back to orginal color. Its really ON PRESS only. Not when SELECTED.
There is a difference between these two.

Hi Anu,

Could you check below option works? create two copies of buttons. and in the on-press event of one button create a bookmark while changing the color of the other two buttons. Do the same thing for other two buttons also. Is that what you are looking for?

yes ,thanks Baiju. Its working now.

great to know it helps. Kindly accept the answer as solution.


Have you seen the updated conditional formatting options in the Power BI Desktop Update - November 2019 release? Check out the video around the 16 minute mark, you’ll no longer need Bookmarks