How to find the Due_Date

I’d like to create a column with the Due Date calculate from the invoice date and payment term.

For exemple date is 01/01/2019 and term is 30 day after invoice then the due date is 01/02/2019
i am searching how I can find the due date with the term 30 day end of month.

I think I found a solution

is the right solution?

It’s quite difficult to work this out without seeing an example because this is quite a unique way that you’ve gone about solving this.

Have you tried maybe just splitting the column. Because you could split that column and retrieve the number of days, then with that number of days all you need to do is add that onto the invoice date and then you theoretically would have your due date.

I wouldn’t get too fancy here around working out the exact M code to solve this. You should just be able to use point-and-click to work through finding a solution for this.

Give this a go and see if I get you we need.


thanks you for your input, for my need it’s ok like that. I will try to split the column to be more generic.