How to filter slicers


Active learner here, hence so many questions :blush:.

I am working on activity report that has 2 fact tables and 3 lookup tables at this time. The two fact tables come from two different sources that are updated by other users. One is a SharePoint Online list, the other an Excel file inside SharePoint document library folder.

Relationships are established as shown below. I think it’s correct as testing the values in a table visualization shows correct data flowing through.


I am struggling to figure out how I can have an Employee slicer (from the lookup table) that is filtered to show only employees with data from the related fact TNR-R and Calls tables. Meaning the slicer itself should not show any employees that don’t have data in the related table I specify.

Many thanks!


At the moment Paul there isn’t a perfect solution to make this work

See here

The only way to really do this currently is to create a calculated table (brand new table) that has only the customers you need.


So you’ll need to create a formula similar to the below with the correct logic you need

Something like this.


You would then integrate this table into your model like so.

Give this a go. It is the only real way to do this right now.



Thanks! Will give it a try.