How to filter my Dates Visual?

Hi All,

I have Disb Month-Yr and Performance Mon-yr, I want to give my user the flexibility to choose any date in disbursal date, so it should create an effect on the performance date and the dates should be greater than or equal to Disb month-yr.
So, ideally, if my portfolio is disbursed in Jan’20 then the Performance tracking for the same would start from Jan’20 or later only, and dates in Performance should not display dates from 2019.

I’m stuck and not able to think about how can I achieve this. Though I can create a measure for this, I cannot use this measure in a visual. So any ideas would be appreciated.


Please find the pbix file in the below link.


Hi @kkrj.ankit,

Please see if this technique helps your resolve it.

Hello Ankit,

Is this the result you are looking for?

If it is, then its a simple matter of editing the interaction between Disb Month and Performance Month. Here you can follow the instructions:

Hi @michellepace

Thanks, for your time. But this was achievable earlier also, But I want a different result, as you’ve selected Jan and Feb 2020 as Disbursal month, so my performance mon-yr should show Jan, Feb, Mar, and so on till the last date available i.e. Sep 20 for now, next week it should show Oct-20 as well.

Thanks, @Melissa I’ll check this as well.


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