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How to Determine Which Reports are Using a Dataflow?

I have several dataflows that I have created over the last year. Some are newer, better versions of others that I created some time ago when I was first learning about dataflows. I’d like to delete the older obsolete dataflows, but I need to find a way to determine whether there are any reports using these dataflows since I’m not the only developer who has access to them.

Is there a way to generate a list or a view of some sort that will show what reports are connecting to these dataflows?

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Hi @DaveC,

Have you explored the workspace data lineage view?



Yes, but the reports are in other workspaces, so a lineage view within the dataflow workspace doesn’t show anything useful. I will explore some more to see if I can at least use it within the workspace of any known reports to see if it will trace the lineage all the way back to the dataflows. But what I really need is a way to trace lineage down the line from dataflow to report when the report is in a different workspace.

Thanks for the links!

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Hi @DaveC,

The first article mentions an option to build your own lineage view using Power BI Rest APIs
I have no experience with that myself but is sounds promising for your requirement.

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