How to delete unwanted data from Query Editor

How do I delete unwanted data from Query Editor in Power BI. I do not want to load this data.

Thank you

Need an actual example in order to better answer, but you can click on the drop down arrow of the column and un check data you don’t want to load.



I have some tables with dates from 2015 -2018. I have pulled this data from SQL Server but I only want to analyse 2018.

I tried to filter as you have shown. However, when I tried to visualise it the unwanted data is also displayed.

Is there a way I can delete the unwanted data?


Please provide an example of what you are seeing. Do you still want the data from the previous years to load? Are you able to limit the years of data from your original data source?



I do not want the previous data.
I have decided to create a view in SQL Server and extract just the data I need for my analysis.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Chukliz.

So a few ways to do this.

1.Probably the best way, in the fact table (raw data) you can add in an index column (1-to whatever number) Then sort on year in ascesding order. This way u should get 2016,2017,2018. Then you can use the icon “Remove Rows”>>Remove Alternative Rows”. Example below.


  1. if you only way data for 2018 U can create a lookup table only showing 2018.
    and use the Merge icon (top right icon) and join where the raw data (year column) = 2018
    Quick Example but on a different column field i guess.

Data View

Select the Merge Icon to do this

Merge Output - Filter on Sales Metrics

Final output

Hope this helps