How to create my own customer json theme


Hello All!
I am wanting to create my own colored theme for my files to include: background, colors on as much as possible, font, and font sizing. Also, can a company logo be in this by chance or must that simply be image added manually for each report page?

I had downloaded this sample but am not sure where to begin with determining which color code affects which part or how to go about adding font and sizing as well. If someone knows of a good tutorial that gets into each possible detail that can be contained in the json now that Power BI can read more parts and just not colors, that would be a huge help in saving me research time.

Thank you!

“name”: “Waveform”,
“dataColors”: ["#31B6FD", “#4584D3”, “#5BD078”, “#A5D028”, “#F5C040”, “#05E0DB”, “#3153FD”, “#4C45D3”, “#5BD0B0”, “#54D028”, “#D0F540”, “#057BE0”],
“foreground”: “#4584D3”,
“tableAccent”: “#31B6FD


I’ve found it’s really only the ‘data colors’ that make a difference in the reports I create.

Check out this tutorial here’s within the Dashboarding & Data Visualization Intensive course. I run through everything I do here.


Thank you Sam. I’ll give that course a look after I get to the 4th Summit session I wasn’t able to make.