How to create dynamic tooltips display for a bar chart

I would like to create a dynamic tooltips display (concate a string) for a bar chart when a selection is made.

Dax Formula:

Shift dynamic ToolTips = 
VAR sel = VALUES(CollectDetails[ShiftSelection])
RETURN if ( ISFILTERED(CollectDetails[ShiftSelection]), CONCATENATEX(sel, CollectDetails[ShiftSelection], ", ") , BLANK() )

I added this measure into tooltips section of the bar chart control.

But for some reason the Tooltips is not working. Could be the IsFilter() context can’t apply in Bar Chart visual?

Could someone please help me ?

Complete PBIX attached.

PAS-New- AccessNumber attempt - from SAM.pbix (1.1 MB)

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Can you tell what exactly should be visible on the bar chart and is the visual interaction should be highlight or can be changed to filter in filter its appearing.

Hi Anurug,

The bar chart tooltips should display the Shift information (as you had shown in the pic) when “shift” is selected in the table. When nothing is selected in the table, then this Toolstips should show “blank” = nothing.

thanks for looking into it.

Have you looked into using the below techniques

You can use tooltips page like the below image


PAS-New- AccessNumber attempt - from SAM.pbix (1.1 MB)

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@EnterpriseDNA i think you by mistake mark me in this comment i am the one who try to solve the issue raised by the above user.So pls ask the user who raised this issue to marked it solve .


Thanks Sam & Anurag:
Sorry for my late reply. Looks like the only way to solve this “filter context” issue is by using the customized tooltips.

Appreciate your help. Let me propose back to the product owner. Thanks again. :slight_smile: