How to create dynamic label for average line

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I am trying to find a way to create an average line with a label like in the picture below


The visual come from this file below and I can’t figure out how the desired staff was produced.
Data+Label+Formatting.pbix (4.3 MB)

I managed to achieve something like that below but it doesn’t reflect what I primarily wanted to achieve. I am not happy with that :frowning:
Iwona_forum_slicers.pbix (221.4 KB)
Does anyone have any idea which steps I should take in order to get this beautiful picture?
As always highly grateful for your help and support.


Great job on setting up your line measure - that IS needed for this particular solution.

What you missed, was where to apply this - it’s on the “add further analysis” tab of the visual formatter:

if you go back to the original report, and look at this section you’ll see that Reid has applied a “Constant Line” to the visual

Here are the settings I applied to the constant line on your report:

  1. Add Line, and give it a name (I used Month Average)

  2. for the value:
    you can use a static value (such as if you know it should always be 15, you can just type that in)
    OR - you can use a measure, input that by clicking the fx button, and adding your measure

  3. Turn on the data label, and set the style to “BOTH” (if you want the value and the name) as in the example

there are additional settings for color of the line, color of the label, etc.
eDNA Solution - dyanmic constant line.pbix (220.0 KB)

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Hi @Heather

Love your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

Grateful for your support,

Many thanks - Iwona

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