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How to create a rolling stock calculation


I wish to know how we can calculate Running stock column in the above table , in this example we know the current on hand stock for the apple and the demand for them as per orders that should delivered on date mentioned required & incoming delivery on a certain date, the last row in the running total column will be the free stock in Dax or power Query. I hope you can help.

Their is a solution in R mentioned below would like to if plug this into Power BI will it work in Power BI service (web)


Dummy Dataset

Data ← data.frame(
ID = c(200:205),
Order_Type = factor(c(rep(‘ordered’,5),‘received’), levels = c(‘ordered’,‘received’)),
Quantity = c(2,3,5,2,3,15),
Quantity_Start = c(10,10,10,10,10,10),
Date = as.Date(c(‘2022-01-10’,‘2022-02-10’,‘2022-02-10’,‘2022-08-10’,‘2022-08-10’,‘2022-09-10’))

Data %>% arrange(Date) %>% mutate(Running_Stock = ifelse(Order_Type == ‘ordered’, -Quantity, Quantity)) %>% transform(
Running_Stock = Quantity_Start + cumsum(Running_Stock))

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