How to create a measure depending on the hierarchy level in the matrix?

Please help, how to create a measure depending on the hierarchy level in the matrix?

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Well I’m providing a link of a video which was created during one of the β€œLearning Summit Series”. Although the video is related to the β€œRanking Techniques” but it has incorporated the concept of β€œHierarchical Problems” which is very much applicable in this scenario.

Using this technique as shown in the video you can solve this type of problem that you’re facing.

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You can also refer to below link where we have DAX calculation for hierarchy

How to do Conditional Format referring to group average


Following on to @MK3010’s post, the eDNA knowledgebase entry for ISINSCOPE has some great video and forum links:

Other functions that are less commonly used for this purpose but also still helpful in special cases are ISFILTERED and HASONEFILTER.

I hope this is helpful to you.

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@Harris Refer to my answer here:


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