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How to create a column index

Hi team,
i need to create column index where i want to segregate agent and direct below is the example , could you please let me know how this can be separated

Agent Information Agent/Direct
Tata Direct
Birla Agent
Ambani Agent
Friends Agent Agent


Hi @Nagi_k,

You can leverage Power Query’s column from example as follows.

Select the column on which you want to create the index on, In you case it will be agent information. Once this is selected, click on add column - drop down - from the selection,

Then, on the First value type in Direct, and on others type in Agent. This will show you a preview of the output and you can verify this before committing to the model.

You can also use conditional column feature for this if you would like.
I hope this helps

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Thank you so much for your quick reply …I was just doing the same…