How to change the granularity of date in X-axis of line chart with Power BI

I would like to modify the increments of the x-axis for the years. I want the years to be in increments of 5 instead of 10. Could you please help me?

Hi @Remi10

i asked Bing Chat and this is what i got.

To modify the increments of the x-axis for the years in Power BI, you can follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the chart axis that you want to change, and then select Axis Properties1.
  2. In the Horizontal Axis Properties dialog box > Axis Options tab, set Interval to Auto1.
  3. The chart will display the optimal number of category labels that can fit along the axis1.
  4. Select OK1.

Alternatively, you can customize your X-axis by selecting the appropriate fields from the Fields pane1. Another option is to make the chart wider or change the type of the x-axis from continuous to categorical1.

Please note that if you’re trying to change your increments to a specific number (like 5), Power BI currently does not have a tick interval option2. However, you can vote for this feature or log a new one on the Power BI ideas page2.

Maybe others have a solution like deneb. I know November updates has changed alot concerning visuals. You might want check to see if you have the updated version.

I hope this helps


Thank you very much for your responses, I will try your suggestions.

Have a good day.